Playing the Diet Game

I never really understood why obese people didn’t just go on a diet and lose the weight until recently. A good friend of mine is morbidly obese. She’s about 5’7” or so and weighs well over 300 lbs. Although all of the excess weight was a physical burden, it didn’t seem to bother her mentally until about a year ago. She decided she had to make a change in her life and drop the weight, and the game was on.

Her first stop was the Atkins diet. She bought every book she could and read every word on every website she came across. She planned out meals, wrote down shopping lists and had a mental picture of her new life in her new body. Unfortunately, all of that work didn’t leave her much time to actually go on the diet.

Then she was onto some raspberry something-or-other pills or supplements by one of those celeb docs, like Dr. Oz or Dr. Drew or Dr. Suess — something like that. She ordered the pills, waited for them to arrive and then started taking them. She immediately felt better, or so she said, and she was convinced that everything she ate from that moment forward was just going to melt the fat from her body. Unfortunately, all the pills did was to delay her actually going on a diet.

Now she’s onto the new 17-Day Diet. It’s one of those diets where you can eat A, B and C foods the first 17 days, and then D, E and F foods the next 17 and so on. I looked at the book, and it’s pretty much just common sense dieting (lean meats and seafoods, fresh fruits and veggies) only made so complicated that it takes 300 pages to explain it to someone. Really — the book is 300 pages.

So here we are a year later and my friend still weighs over 300 pounds. I’ve tried to tell her time and time again that all she really needs to do is to cut calories out of her day and to start moving around instead of sitting in front of her laptop. I can understand how it’s difficult for a single mother to start and stay on a diet, but it doesn’t really need to be complicated. Just start by cutting one thing out of your day and replacing it with fresh fruit. It’s a start, but a good one. People who are like my friend (and you know who you are) really need to cut out all of the drama and procrastination and just do something. If you can’t figure out what to eat, let someone else do it for you. Bistro MD is a fabulous new way to diet. It supplies you with chef-designed and doctor-approved meals that will give you all the nutrients you need without all of the calories and prep work.

What makes Bistro MD so different than meal plans like Jenny Craig is that it supplies you with breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. It just doesn’t leave room for excuses. Although I’m sure my friend will moan about the cost of the foods, but to be honest, she’s spent more on unused diet aids and books than you can imagine. Besides, I can show her where to go online to get Bistro MD promo codes. Like I said, no more excuses.