How To Get Skinny Legs Fast

Women do have a tendency to gain fat on their legs and are desperate to know how to get skinny legs. Chubby ankles and upper legs can make legs look shorter.

They will discourage and create a negative mindset in women about wearing shorts, skinny jeans, and skirts. However, if you follow a few simple guidelines, it will take you a couple of months to get skinny legs.

A Point To Note: Though women tend to gain more weight or fat on their legs, which is actually quite unfair, men can also use these guidelines and benefit from them. You will learn more about this from women discussing the feared “cankles.”

It is a term used for calves that remain fat around the ankles. You don’t see this in men, unless they are extremely fat. However, women who are not overweight or just about can also get “cankles.”

Men and women should follow simple guidelines given below to get skinny legs.

Exercises That Will Help Maintain Slim Legs

Follow two simple steps to have slim legs. Firstly, get rid of excess body fat covering them. Secondly, develop lean muscle mass in your legs and tone the muscles.

A proven formula is in place that will help you lose body fat. Exercise in a way that burns off more calories than what is contained in your food and combine it with strength and toning exercises to develop lean leg muscles.

The ideal routine to understand and adopt while learning how to get skinny legs should combine both strength training and cardio exercises. A regular cardio routine will work just fine. Follow a routine that you find comfortable.

To get slim legs, include more exercises in your routine that focuses on the legs like walking through water or sand, riding a bicycle, or treading over water.  Gym exercises such as cross trainer, stair-climbing machines, and using the treadmill will also help.

Perform these exercises for around 30 minutes daily, taking a break for a day or two to allow your body some rest.

At the gym, work on your inner and outer thighs by using hip flexors and leg machines. At home, perform a few classic leg exercises such as lunges, wall sits, and leg lifts. Begin by completing three sets of 30 leg lifts, first with one leg and then with the other.

Front and side lifts help you complete workouts on your abdomen and legs at different locations effectively. Hold the sitting position for 15 seconds during a wall sit and then move upwards. Stop the exercise when you feel your thighs are starting to wobble and are unable to support you.

Nutritional Diet For Skinny Legs

Nutrition plays an equally important role in weight loss. Foods containing corn syrup and sugar can induce more insulin production in your body. The insulin will increase hunger, and you start eating more than required. It ends up into a vicious circle.

Replace saturated fat in your diet with unsaturated fat, which is much healthier and will help your heart function better. Carbohydrates need not be excluded but replaced with a healthier variety. Consume fruits that are high in fiber and water, dark green vegetables containing more complex carbohydrates, and whole grain pasta and bread.

Eggs are very good for health. Several studies have demonstrated that whole eggs do not increase bad cholesterol but can actually help you lose weight. Maintain a daily diet containing a minimum of three dairy servings and switch over to green tea from regular coffee. Green tea leaves and calcium have been already established as excellent fat burners. Exercise regularly and maintain a healthy diet, and you will be ready to fit into your swimsuit in time.