How to get bigger biceps

The best way to advertise your fitness is through your arms—big muscular arms, to be exact. You don’t need to take your clothes off to show off those biceps.

Clothes can show them off even more: wear a shirt with tight sleeves and you will definitely get many looks. They’re like trophies you can carry around wherever you go. Every guy wants to know how to get bigger biceps so here’s how.

On your quest on how to get bigger biceps, the first thing to do is to eat—eat a lot. Eat whatever you can. In order to build muscle, you need to boost your intake of food every day.

Eat plenty of protein-rich foods, such as meat, fish and eggs, as well as high calorie foods like rice, potatoes and bread. Protein is one of the main components of muscles so it literally builds muscle. Calories are needed so you will be able to perform the exercises required for muscle-building.

The next step on how to get bigger biceps is to lift weights. The biceps are targeted by exercises such as the barbell curl and the dumbbell curl. There are many variations of these two exercises and it is better to learn how to do each of them properly before starting with the main workout routine.

There are postures and forms that you have to maintain while doing the exercises. By not doing them properly, you put yourself at risk of getting injured. Also, you will be reducing the efficiency of the exercises with improper form and posture. Proper form and posture make sure that right muscle group, the biceps in this case, is targeted.

Once you’ve mastered the movements and postures required by the exercise, you can now start with the actual weight lifting. When starting to learn how to get bigger biceps, it is advisable to start with small weights to avoid shocking your muscles.

Your muscles would experience too much strain it is not used to if you start with a very high weight. The trick is to get used to a certain weight first and then gradually increase the weight. The advantage of this is that you wouldn’t experience too much muscle pain after each exercise session. The disadvantage is that it takes quite some time since the increase in weight is also gradual.

An alternative to this is to lift big weights but with low repetitions, ideally two to eight depending on the exercise. This makes your biceps work almost to its limit.

The muscles are torn to a considerable degree. The trick in doing this method is to rest up after the exercise, like for two or three days. This rest period allows your muscles to repair themselves. The tears are filled out with new muscles so your biceps get bigger. Don’t perform the exercises if you still feel sore. It only means that your muscles are still healing up.

The last trick on how to get bigger biceps is to mix your exercises up. Don’t stick to just one or two exercises. Try different variations of the barbell and dumbbell curls. If your biceps get used to only one movement, it will be hard for you to perform many other things.